Why An Expensive Gaming PC is Better for You

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Why An Expensive Gaming PC is Better for You

The difference between an expensive gaming machine and a cheap gaming machine is not just the price. It is about the capabilities of each PC. 

An expensive gaming PC only comes with the top of the line features that performance-based gamers demand. These features include a high-end graphic card, more RAM, and more CPU cores for increased speed and power. In contrast, a cheap gaming PC comes with basic features like an entry-level graphic card, less RAM, and fewer CPU cores to save you money while still providing a sufficient level of performance. 

You get what you pay for: Cheap PCs may seem like they offer lesser value than something more expensive but it’s not always so clear cut as this statement implies. 

Explain the Benefit of an Expensive Gaming PC 

The benefit of an expensive gaming pc is the performance and graphics power it can provide. With such a powerful gaming computer, you can experience smoother gameplay, and you will have more freedom in creating your own unique game. 

Laptops are not recommended for gaming because they have lesser computing power than a desktop pc. They also lack a dedicated graphics card which makes the games run slower, more laggy, and poorer graphics. 

The most expensive PC is not always the best one for gaming. The laptop is better as it is cheaper and has lesser hardware issues compared to desktops. It is also widely available so you won’t be losing any performance if you use it for other tasks like multitasking or browsing the internet on your phone. 

What are the Downsides of an Expensive Gaming PC? 

If you are just a PC gamer, the chances are that you are looking for an affordable gaming PC. You would probably be interested in buying a pre-built gaming PC or have your own custom-built computer. People who build their own computers usually go for the best and most expensive parts, making it costly to buy a single component. 

If you do not want to spend more than your budget on buying a single component, then you can buy a pre-built gaming PC. In this case, you will have to find the balance between price and performance. 

An expensive gaming PC is not only limited to PCs with high price tags; they could also be found in laptops or consoles. The highest priced console is around $1,800 USD while playing games on PCs is around $60-$80.