Husky Pug Mix– Cost and Special Care Needs

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Hug or otherwise called Pugsky is a mix of Pug breed and the Siberian Husky. This may seem a crazy breed, but it is the favourite now of many due to many distinct aspects of its appearance, characteristics, size. It is one of the top choices among the pug hybrids which exist. The Dog Registry of America (DRA), which was previously known as US Kennel Club now recognises Hub as a standard Pug breed.

Major characteristics of the dog

You can understand the personality and features of a Hug by looking at the characteristics of the pure parent breeds as Pug and Husky. As we know, pugs are usually highly friendly and get along well with children and other pets at home. They are also mostly loyal to their owners. Even though they are lively, can be more like couch potatoes.

Siberian Huskies, on the other hand, are work dogs and also known as great family dogs. However, when compared to pugs, Huskies are more intelligent and also don’t adapt easily to smaller living space. Huskies also require a significant level of exercise as they are under the working dog category.

Buying Pug cross Husky

When compared to pure pug breeds, husky pug mix for sale is less expensive. The price of a puppy may depend on various contributory factors as the size, age, location, and the quality of the breeder etc. Standards pug pups may cost around $1,200 to $2,000 approximately. While planning to buy a pug, it is essential to go to a reputable breeder and also to visit its parents.

Special care needs

The primary care needs you need to know on planning to own a Pug Husky mix are as below.

Need for exercise

Even tough pugs are a bit lazy, on the other hand, you have Husky with unlimited stamina (they are even used for pulling snow sledge), it is more likely that your Pugsky may require a significant amount of walking to be done each day. An hour each day of exercise will be good enough to keep your Hug happy.

Even though Pugs are more likely to wander with their owners, Husky is more intelligent and adventurous to go on its own when letting off. Huskies can also cover a larger distance in a single go in a short span of time.

Grooming care

Husky and Pug shed moderately to heavy. Some lucky owners may get their hug with the Pug coat, which requires very little maintenance. Proper brushing is needed to keep the fur neat. If the coat of your Hug coat is longer with a dense second layer as like Husky, it requires more attention to be kept shining.

A husky blows out its coat fully twice a year and also sheds the rest of the time. It is ideal to use an undercoat rake when the soft downy fur of your Pugsky is cast off. Daily brushing during the time of heavy shedding can help. Otherwise, you may end up with fluff spreading across your house.