Divorce is not an easy process. It can be emotionally draining, traumatic and even costly. That’s why the decision to get divorced should be done with care and consideration. 

It can take anywhere from 3 to 18 months for a divorce to go through the courts. The time it takes for a divorce to complete often depends on whether or not both spouses are in agreement about the terms of the split, or if there are issues with finances or child custody that need to be settled first. 

There are many similarities between divorce and death because they are both emotional processes. However, there are also some major differences between them that should not be ignored or forgotten about during the process of moving forward with your life post-divorce. 

What Happens During a Divorce? 

Divorce is a process where two people get a legal document called a “divorce decree” from the court. The decree says that the husband and wife are no longer married, and they have certain rights and responsibilities to each other. After this, their marriage is legally over. 

The divorce process may vary from state to state but it generally follows these steps: 

1) Filing for Divorce – The couple decides to get divorced and files paperwork with the family court in their county. 

2) Temporary Orders – A judge gives temporary orders about how child custody, visitation, support payments, property division, etc., should work until the final divorce order is issued. 

3) Final Divorce Decree – The judgment is confirmed when the decree is signed and dated by the judge and court clerk. 

How Long Does it Take to Get a Divorce? 

At this point, you probably have a lot of questions. And that’s understandable. Here are some of the most common questions people have when they’re thinking about how long does a divorce take. 

How long does it take to get a divorce? 

To get a divorce, you need to file for it first and wait for papers to be delivered. After that, there is a waiting period before the court will grant the divorce. This process can take anywhere from six weeks to six months or more after paperwork is filed with the court depending on where you live and what state you live in. Generally, it takes at least three months from filing for divorce before couples are granted their decree of divorce by the courts.