Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hameed Mee Sotong & Coconut Shake @ Padang Kota Lama (Explanade)

This round could be Padang Kota Lama MUST EAT! Heard that the Hussain Pasembur is food though but not my liking. Hence, i just crave for the ever so famous Mee Sotong and Coconut Shake.

Left: Coconut Drink RM2.00
Purely Coconut drink and ready shredded coconut meat from the shell.

Where else can you get coconut drink with only RM2 now?
Only at Padang Kota Lama =P

Right: Coconut Shake RM2.50 *Must Try*
Coconut drink bottom up a scoop of vanila ice cream

Aww awwww this is so refreshing in such a hot weather!!!!!!!!
Love this a lot, oh my sweet savoury coconut shake!!!

Jalil Special Ice Kacang RM3.00 *Must Try*

This is good though!!
Pleasant and sweet filling I like!! =)

Mee Sotong (Squids Noodle) RM4.00 *Must Try*
Range RM4 - RM9

The smallest portion above cost RM4 but its portion doesn't looks like small either.
Ever so delicious Mee Sotong!!!
It can be crown as the BEST in Penang.

Imagining I was like living in my own world, eating hastily and "good good" sound in every mouthful.
Selling point: Tender and tasty flavourful squids; fragrance smell of wok

A Plate of Mee Sotong + A glass of coconut shake = A Perfect Dining!!!!! =D
Salty, Sour, Sweet, Spicy ALL in!!

Both stalls of Hameed Mee Sotong and Jalil Ice Kacang are side by side. Easy to look for, it's in the Explanade food court behind Kota Cornwallis.

Business Hours: Early Lunch until 8-9pm

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